Cute crystal caterpillar craft for older children

A needle-nose pliers To start, measure out a piece of wire 18 inches long. Bend it in half and employing the needle-nose pliers, curl the last ¾ inch by the bend, forming the caterpillar’s tail. Next, take 5 with the eight mm beads and thread them onto the doubled wire. Then alternate by threading on two 12 mm beads, two eight mm beads and 1 final 12 mm bead. This forms the caterpillar’s physique. Separate the strands of wire to form the antennae and put a 4mm bead on the end of every strand, bending the wire using the pliers to help keep it in spot. Then curl the wire around in a swirl to form the antenna’s curl. To kind the wholesale shamballa beads legs, reduce three pieces of wire, every single 3 ½ inches lengthy. Wrap the first one about the double threaded wire, in between the beads inside the front with the caterpillar. Place the following a single within the middle as well as the third towards the end.


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